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Malaysia Online Wallpaper Shop FAQ


Malaysia Online Wallpaper Shop FAQ

Elegan, Products & Services

About Elegan

What is Malaysia Online Wallpaper Shop?
  • An E-Commerce Website that provides Premier Grade Wallpaper Product & Professional Wallpapering Services.
  • This Website is an asset of Elegance Decorative Arts, managed by Elegan Team.
Who are Team Elegan?
  • A Creative Team from Elegance Decorative Arts (Elegan) that focuses on Digital & Social Media Marketing.
Can you tell me more about Elegan?
  • A Malaysia registered company founded on 16 August 2017, well known as Elegan in Wallpaper Industry.
  • Our Office is located at Segamat, Johor, Malaysia.
Where is your Shop Located?
  • We don’t have any Showrooms or Branches.
  • We’d adopted to Digitalization Working Environment since our foundation.
  • We have a Home Office located in Segamat, Johor, Malaysia as registered in SSM.
  • Malaysia Online Wallpaper Shop represented us as it named, our customer no need to go to a showroom, all by Online & On-Site Service.
  • Our Office Administrations are all done Remotely Online & Web Server.
  • Our Consultants & Site Supervisors are mostly traveling in Central, Southern & East Coast.
  • Our business operates in the following Model:
    • Online Mode
      • Customer Order from us in our Online Shop.
      • Online Consultation Service.
    • O2O Mode (Online-To-Offline)
      • Customer makes Appointment.
      • On-Site Consultation Service.
    • Project Collaborator
      • Collaborate with Main-Construction Company.
      • Collaborate with Interior Design Companies.
How Elegan standout from others?
  • Cost Saving & Paperless:
    • We do have our Operating Cost as same as any business, however, we are able to lower our fixed-cost (esp. in Rental & Maintenance) without having a physical showroom or shop.
    • Paperless Administrative, save paper & printing cost as well as environmentally friendly.
    • Therefore, we are able to offer our customers the best price in town.
    • 20% Discount (Our Price) to 25% Discount (During Sale).
    • Our Customer enjoy great savings with the same grade of product & services.
  • Elegan vs Others:
    • Elegan
      • Only specialized in Wallpaper & related services Online & On-Site.
      • Serve by Professional Consultant.
      • With In-House Installation Team.
    • Other Player on Market (A)
      • Having physical showrooms/branches only in Major Cities.
      • Serve by Sales Person.
      • Without In-House Installation Team.
    • Other Player on Market (B)
      • Having a local shop in town, offering various services such as flooring, curtain & blinding.
      • Serve by Sales Person.
      • Without In-House Installation Team.

Our Products

What are the Wallpaper Product Elegan Sell Online?
  • We only sell Superior, Premier & Exceptional Grade Wallpaper Product in our Online Shop.
    • Korean Wallpaper – PVC Paper-Backed – 3.5′
    • European Wallpaper (Italy, Germany & Belgium, etc) – PVC Non-Woven – 1.75′ 
  • To maintain & sustain our customer satisfaction level, we DO NOT SELL Self-Adhesive Wallpaper (Sticker) or any OEM Wallpaper.
I want to know if Elegan sell Japanese Wallpaper?
  • Yes.
  • We only sell Japanese Wallpaper (Overlap & Cut – Seamless) in On-Demand or On-Site Only.
I want to know if Elegan have any Customized Wall Mural Product?
  • Yes.
  • We have various type of Top Grade Wall Mural Product:-
    • Non-Woven Fabric – Matte Satin
    • Non-Woven Fabric
    • UVGEl Non-Woven Fabric
    • UVGel PVC Paper-Backed
    • PVC Paper-Backed (Discontinued)
  • On-Demand & On-Site Basis.

Installation Services

Does Elegan provide any Professional Wallpapering Services?
  • Yes.
  • We provide all kind of Professional Wallpapering Service:
    • Wallpaper Installation Service – General Wall
    • Wallpaper Installation Service – Staircase Wall
    • Wallpapering Service – Ceiling
    • Remove Existing Wallpaper
Who will perform the Installation Services?
  • Our In-House Professional Installers.
  • Our Authorized Professional Installers.

Quality & Warranty

Does Elegan provide any Product Warranty?
  • Premier Grade Wallpaper can last above 10 Years in general with minimal maintenance.
  • However, if you only buy product from us & received the wallpaper with defects, we will provide 1 to 1 exchange.
  • Before Installation – Yes
    • Our Installer will check the product quality before installation.
    • If there are any product defects, we will provide a 1 to 1 exchange.
  • After Installation – No
    • There will be difficult to determine if defects are from the manufacturer.
    • Please see Workmanship Warranty for more info.
Does Elegan provide any Workmanship Warranty?
  • Yes
  • Notify Elegan if there are any Workmanship Errors.


  • Works:
    • Professional Installer will use exclusive tools & adhesive for Wallpapering Works.
  • Seaming:
    • Please note that common wallpaper are with seaming (joining).
    • You may find higher chances to discover the seaming line for some patterns or colors.
    • Most of the time, its due to the angle of light or Sunlight.
  • Wall Conditions:
    • Wall Conditions have great impact for Wallpapering Quality.
    • Before Wallpapering, we recommend to:
      • Repair any Major Wall Leveling Issue.
      • Moistureproof the Wall with good sealing & waterproof work. 
      • Apply suitable Under-Coat Sealer before Wallpapering in any cases.
      • Apply delicated Under-Coat Sealer for Oily or Dusty Wall Surface.

Korean Wallpaper

PVC Paper-Backed
3.5′ (W) X 51′ (L) / Roll [178ft²]
Online | On-Site

European Wallpaper

PVC Non-Woven
1.75′ (W) X 33′ (L) / Roll [57.75ft²]

Malaysian Wallpaper

PVC Paper-Backed
1.75′ (W) X 33′ (L) / Roll [57.75ft²]

Japanese Wallpaper

PVC Paper-Backed
Per Square Feet

Customized Wall Mural

Hot Embossed Non-Woven Matte Satin
UVgel Digital Print Paper-Backed
UVgel Digital Print Fabric-Baked

Latest Printing Technology
Per Square Feet



Pricing, Checkout, Shipping & Account

Pricing & Payment Method

Product Price
  • The Product Price is NOT inclusive of Installation Fee & other Addons.
  • We’d absorbed the shipping cost for Peninsular Malaysia Delivery.
  • For East Malaysia Shipping Fee, please refer to Shipping for more information.
Wallpapering Services Price
  • The Service Price is set to “RM 0” as our arrangement is not to collect those fees before the start of work.
  • Selected Services Fees are payable to the Professional Installers upon completion of work.
  • The “RM 0” order is to acknowledge your wallpapering job requirement.
Accepted Payment Mathod

Debit & Credit Card:

  • We accept Debit & Credit Cards (Visa, American Express & Master)

Mobile Payment & Digital Wallet:

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay & Chrome Payment Request by a supported browser.


  • Not available yet.

Product Color Tone vs Product Image & Studio Photo

Product Image
  • The Product Images use on the website have been compressed to improve the page loading speed & only served in decent quality for digital devices screen.
Studio Photo
  • The Studio Photos can help you to associate how the wallpaper looks like in a designated space.
  • The images are designed & provided by the manufacturer & they are for reference only.
Product Color Tone
  • The Color Tone of Product Images & Studio Photos might be different on different screen setting, some digital devices displayed a warmer color image & some display cooler color by default or by custom setting.
  • The Color Tone of Physical Products is manufactured with High-Quality Texturizing Effect based on its Theme, Pattern & Color.


Order & Product Quantity
  • Minimum Quantity Per Order = 2
  • Maximum Quantity Per Order = 20
  • Stocktake = Every Saturday
  • Stock Check = Please Call or WhatsApp us for confirmation.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart (Trolley)
  • A place that keeps a record of the products that you have chosen to buy from us before you actually buy them.
  • Once you have confirmed to buy the chosen products, you may proceed to checkout (order & make the payment).


Checkout (Order & Make Payment)
  • The area of our website where you Order & Make Payment.
  • Please double-check the information you entered is correct before proceeding to Pay.
Secured Connections
  • Our Website is Encrypted with SSL.
  • We are using Stripes as our Payment Gateway, an International Leading Payment Gateway.
  • You are safe & protected to browse, subscribe as a member, order & make a payment on this website.
Email Notification
  • You will receive the following emails from us after your order:
    • Order Status
    • Invoice
    • Shipping Information
    • Other Updates or Notes


If you couldn’t found any email from us, please check if your email address entered is correct & also check if the email was sent to your Spam/Junk Mailbox.


Shipping Coverage Area


  • Nationwide (including Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan)


  • Not available at the moment.
Shipping & Delivery (Peninsular Malaysia)

Default Shipping Company:

  • City-Link, GDex, or other available Couriers.

Delivery Lead Time:

  • 1 – 3 Working Days.
  • The Delivery Leadtime might be affected during festival seasons or critical outbreaks.

Shipping Fee:

  • Free (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
Shipping & Delivery (Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan)

Default Shipping Company:

  • Ultimate, Amber, or other available Shipping Companies.

Delivery Lead Time:

  • 4 – 10 Working Days.
  • The Delivery Leadtime might be affected during festival seasons or critical outbreaks.

Shipping Fee:

  • Around RM40 Per Roll (1 Roll Korean Wallpaper is around 5.8kg).
  • For example, if you ordered 4 Rolls of Korean Wallpaper from us, the weight is around 23kg, which means the shipping fee is around RM140 to RM160 for the order.
  • The shipping rate might be higher in Rural Area.
  • Shipping Company will collect the Shipping Fee from you when you received the goods.

Minimum Order:

  • Minimum Order of 2 Rolls per Transaction.

Order Cancellation, Exchange, Return & Refund

Order Cancellation & Refund


  • Before you received a shipping update from us, order status is still in “Processing”.
  • We will refund to the bank account details that you provided.


  • After you received a shipping update from us, order status is in “Completed”.
  • As the order has been shipped out & we won’t accept a refund.
Return & Exchange

Please follow the Exchange Policy below:

  • We recommend you check the Product Quality once you receive the goods & notify us if there are any Product Defects.
  • We will do an exchange for a Defective Product with proof.
  • The exchange will be for the same product code.
  • If the same product is out of stock, we would recommend you to choose from our product of the same grade or do a Refund.
  • We would like you to return the Defective Product to us and we will bear the Return Shipping Cost.
  • We will deposit the Return Shipping Cost to you.
Return & Refund

Please follow the Return & Refund Policy below:

  • We would recommend you to check the Product Quality once you receive the goods & notify us if there are any Product Defects.
  • If you choose not to do an Exchange, we will Refund a Defective Product with proof.
  • We would like you to return the Defective Product to us and we will bear the Return Shipping Cost.
  • We will deposit the Refundable Amount & Return Shipping Cost to you at once.

User Account

Dashboard (Manage your Account)
  • From your account dashboard, you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.
Order Details & Updates
  • You can view the details & updates of your recent orders.